About Elvenesse.net

Elvenesse.net was started back in 2004 after seeing Peter Jackson's rendition of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings books on the movie screen. I had been a long time fan of Tokien's world and especially the Elves, buying any and all books I could on this wonderful race he created. Seeing the world of Tolkien come alive on the movie screen was like a dream come true, even though Peter Jackson used his creative license to change a few things - The books are the books, and the movies are the movies! Around that time, I decided to create this site to show my love for all things Elvish in regards to Tolkien's elves.

old web site

The old Elvenesse.net website. The new one looks much better, don't you think?

Special fonts used on this site are as follows: For the headings and menu items, Turbayne Running Hand is used. The Tengwar (elvish fonts) used throughout this site are Tengwar Annatar, Tengwar Sindarin, and Tengwar Quenya.

About Me

My friends call me Mikki. I like to draw, paint, read, listen to music, knit, do counted cross-stitch, be outdoors, study languages (real and imaginary), and interested in computers, sci-fi, fantasy, and history. I like hockey, baseball, and soccer, with my favorite teams being my hometown Flyers, Phillies, and Union respectively. I'm also a follower of London's Arsenal FC and New Zealand's All Blacks rugby.

I hold a degree in Electronics Engineering, and have studied in the fields of Criminal Justice and Biology. 2011 saw me complete a diploma program and graduate as a Computer Graphics Specialist.

I was a charter member of the now defunct Lord of the Rings Fan Club, going by the name Alatáriel, and was able to attend two TORn (theonering.net) Oscar Parties, being able to meet/see many of the cast members from the Lord of the Rings films.

I'm proudly "owned" by my five rescues: one dog and four cats.


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