“Edel Silmarillion”, A Handmade Illuminated Version of Tolkien’s Silmarillion

Illuminated Silmarillion

I love books, and I have always loved illuminated medieval manuscripts. So when I recently saw an article on a handmade illuminated version of Tolkien’s Silmarillion, possibly my favorite Tolkien book, I was instantly mesmerized. This is truly one of the most well done works of art I have ever seen.

Benjamin Harff, is a recently graduated art student from Germany, who at the age of 11 was introduced to Tolkien’s works. For one of his exams, he decided to create a hand illuminated version of the Silmarillion. The whole project took about two years to complete. Harff admits that he could have stopped after a couple chapters, but his love of Tolkien’s work prompted him to make a complete book. The opening page alone took approximately 70 to 80 hours to complete by hand.

The image above is just a sample spread of Harff’s work on his “Edel-Silmarillion”. He says he’s tried to contact the Tolkien Estate to see if they would be interested in possibly recreating his book for the masses. I, for one, would love to have a copy of this book. Hopefully the Tolkien Estate will contact Harff in the near future, and maybe work with him on some other Tolkien-related projects.

To read more about Harff and his work on his “Edel-Silmarillion”, as well as to see more samples from the book, please visit the Tolkien Library’s website.

Image above from the Tolkien Library website.

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