Months of the Year in Elvish

Photo of a calendar pageElves do not follow a system of months like Men do in their calendar, rather they follow seasons—see the earlier post Elvish Seasons and Special Days for more information. However, the men from Númenor being akin to the Elves, used the elvish language to give names to their months used in the Calendar of Númenor, later called the Calendar of Gondor.

One similarity that the Númenorian/Gondorian calendar has to that of the elvish Calendar of Imladris is that they both use Mettarë and Yestarë for what would be New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, respectively, as well as three special days. From here the Númenorian/Gondorian calendar uses a system of 12 months, like the Gregorian calendar uses today. I will not go into detail about the Calendar of Númenor/Gondor outside of describing each of the months. If you would like to know more about the calendar Men used, please see Elenhil Laiquendo’s article at Gwaith-i-Pheddain.

The months and special days, in order, on the Númenorian/Gondorian calendar are: Yestarë, Víressë, Lótessë, Nárië, Cermië, Urimë, Yavannië, Enderë, Loëndë, Enderë, Narquelië, Hísimë, Ringarë, Narvinyë, Nénimë, Súlimë, and Mettarë.

Yestarë: First day of the year. Similar to that on the Calendar of Imladris, though occurring on a different day.

Víressë: The first month. In Sindarin, Gwirith. Equivalent to April.

Lótessë: The second month. In Sindarin, Lothron. Equivalent to May.

Nárië: The third month. In Sindarin Nórui. Equivalent to June.

Cermië: The fourth month. In Sindarin, Cerweth. Equivalent to July.

Urimë: The fifth month. In Sindarin, Urui. Equivalent to August.

Yavannië: The sixth month. In Sindarin, Ivanneth. Equivalent to September.

Enderë: One of the special days.

Loëndë: One of the special days. It was called Mid-year’s Day.

Enderë: One of the special days.

Narquelië: The seventh month. In Sindarin, Narbeleth. Equivalent to October.

Hísimë: The eighth month. In Sindarin, Hithui. Equivalent to November.

Ringarë: The ninth month. In Sindarin, Girithron. Equivalent to December.

Narvinyë: The tenth month. Means ‘New Sun’. In Sindarin, Narwain. Equivalent to January.

Nénimë: The eleventh month. In Sindarin, Nínui. Equivalent to February.

Súlimë: The twelfth and last month. In Sindarin, Gwaeron. Equivalent to March.

Mettarë: The last day of the year, similar to that on the Calendar of Imladris.


Below are the Quenya and Sindarin names for the months and special days written in tengwar. Click on each image to view larger.

The Quenya names for the months (Calendar of Gondor only)

Quenya names for the months and special days  (Calendar of Gondor only)


Sindarin names for the months (not including the special days)

Sindarin names for the months, not including the special days (Calendar of Gondor only)

*Tengwar font used for Quenya names is ‘Tengwar Annatar’. Tengwar font used for Sindarin names is ‘Tengwar Sindarin’. Both can be obtained here.

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