Calendar of Imladris for Loa 144

Photo of the elvish page-a-day calendar

Image of the page-a-day version of the Calendar of Imladris from loa 140 of the 14th yén

The updated Calendar of Imladris for the current loa, which is 144, is now available – please excuse the lateness. For those not familiar with how the elves account time, a loa is a solar year and equivalent to a year on the modern Gregorian calendar.

I do not have a detailed description up as yet of how the elvish calendar works, but there are some posts regarding the seasons and special days, as well as days of the week that one can read if they choose to get a better understanding of some of the elements.

This loa is special in that it is the last loa for the current yén, or elvish year – an elvish year consists of 144 loa. Unlike the previous loa, this year’s contains double Enderi, or middle days, which act similar to a Leap Day. Normally there are three (3) Enderi that occur between the seasons of Yavie and Quelle. This loa, however, there are six (6).

The current loa will end on 29 March 2017 and the new yén and loa begin on 30 March 2017 of the Gregorian calendar.

To view and download the calendar, please visit the Calendar of Imladris page here.

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