Of the Three Kindred of the Eldar, the Teleri are the last and the largest. Their name means 'those who come last' and last they were to travel to Aman, but not entirely.

Along the way to the Teleri would be sundered many times, as some chose instead to stay in Middle-earth. At the Vales of Anduin a group led by Lenw journeyed south and became known as the Nandor. Another group chose to live east and west of the Hithaeglir (Misty Mountains) and are known as Silvan Elves.

When the remaining Teleri reached Beleriand they had discovered that their kin the Vanyar and the Noldor had already departed for Aman. As they waited for the Vala Ulmo to return for them, the leader of the Teleri, Elw became enchanted by the Maia Melian and was lost to his people for a time. Many of his people chose to search for him and others decided to settle along the coast of Beleriand where they were then taught by the Maiar Oss and Uinen, both vassals of Ulmo.

When Ulmo finally returned to take them to Aman many of the Teleri refused to go. Most of these were the followers of Elw and those who lived along the coasts that were persuaded to stay by Oss; they are known as the Sindar. The remainder, under the leadership of Olw, traveled west to Aman where they live along the shore in Alqualond and are known as the Falmari or 'Sea-elves'.

Divisions of the Teleri

Notable Telerin

  • Legolas
  • Lthien Tinviel
  • Maeglin (half Noldorin)
  • Nimrodel
  • Olw
  • Oropher
  • Thranduil

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